Quick Turnaround Circuit Card Protos Medium-Low Volume Printed Circuit Board Plus Circuit Card Assembly


HQT Circuit (Shenzhen) Limited is a specialist manufacturer of 2-26 layers PWB. We specialize in fast-turn PWB prototypes, small ~ medium volume Electronic Circuit Board and PCB assembly. Formed in the year 2009, situated in Shenzhen City, China, with around 408 trained personnel and cutting-edge devices, we’re capable to realize 20 000 sqms production on a monthly basis.

We are accredited by ISO-9001, ISO14000, IPC-A-600, UL certification as well as RoHS compliance. Our boards are vastly used in communications, industrial control, electric power electronics, medical-related devices, safety and security technology, gadgets, LED, and many others. About 80Per-cent of our items are exported to The European Union, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, India, Middle East et cetera. For the comfort of buyers, we’ve delivered one-stop service which includes uncovered PWB fabrication, circuit board assembly, FPC and Stencil for upwards of 2,000 clients throughout the world.

We pride ourselves on offering you professional quality, economical prices, top-notch service along with punctual shipping and delivery. We love doing work in hand with buyers to set up a win-win collaboration.

Business Overview

We showed up at Hong Kong Electronics Fair and Electronica 2016 Munich, Germany.
We’ve delivered specialized PCB board manufacturing & circuit card assembly services for above 2,Thousand consumers.

We attended HK Global Sources Electronics Fair.
We began to provide Flex and Rigid-flex PC board.
We launched ERP system.

We We’re authorized ISO14001.
We did start to manufacture 26 layers electronic board.

We started to provide PCB board assembly and Stencil.
We were awarded as a harmonious labor relations business.

We’re certified by ISO9001.
We enrolled in Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

We acquired UL certification.
We joined up with CPCA (otherwise known as : China Printed Circuit Association).

We obtained RoHS certificate.

HQT Circuit (Shenzhen) Limited was established in Shenzhen, China

Contact with Us

HQT Circuit (Shenzhen) Limited
Yitong Technology Shenzhen Co.,Ltd

Head office: Room No. 208~215, Zhifu Building, Pengda Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen , Guangdong China Manufacturing area Address : Penglianjia Technology and Science Park, Shibi Village, Pingdi Street Office, Longgang District, Shenzhen , China

Tel : +86 755 83393378
Telefax : +86 755 83422990
Merchandising director E-mail : johnson@hqtcircuit.com


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