Diptrace tutorial on PCB layout for single sided etching – Part 3


Everything You Need To Find Out About Single Sided Printed Circuits

A Printed Circuit Board (often known as PCB Board), which is also referred to as etched wiring board or Printed Wiring Board (PWB), is a board used to electrically connect electronic parts. Now, Printed Circuits find their use in an never-ending range of applications. You can find several types of Printed Circuits, which are intended for different applications. The types of PCBs are:

Rigid-Flex PCBs
Flex PCBs
Rigid PCBs
Single Sided PCBs
Single Layer PCBs
Double Sided PCBs
Double Layer PCBs
Multi-layer PCBs

Outlined in this article, we will discuss more details regarding single sided PCBs. Precisely what are these PCBs? What exactly are their positive aspects? Where are they used? Maintain reading the blog post for getting answers to these questions.

What is a Single Sided PCB?

Single sided PCBs are a kind of circuit boards having electronic components placed on its one side, while the conducting wires are connected at the second side. It is one of the most popular, yet basic PCB types. These PCBs are produced by laminating one thin layer of a thermally conductive and electrically insulating dielectric with copper. Frequently, a layer of soldermask is added above the copper layer.

What are the Good things about using Single Sided PCBs?

You must be questioning, how come these PCBs are believed as the best option for a huge range of applications. It is a result of the numerous advantages that these PCBs have. Below are several advantages of single sided PCBs:

Single sided PCBs are very easily understandable by almost all the manufacturers. On top of this, they are commonly utilised in a wide selection of applications, which makes them famous.
Single sided printed circuit boards are thought of as an ideal decision for uncomplicated low-density designs.
These PCBs confront lesser issues at the time of fabricating process. This assists to speed up the fabricating process.
This type of PCBs can be acquired at lower costs, specially in case of mass production orders.

Where are the Single Sided PCBs Put to use?

Single sided PCBs find their applications across a variety of applications such as:

Camera Systems
Radio and Stereo Equipment
Industrial and Automotive Relays
Solid State Drives(SSD)
Power Supplies
Laser printers

The information given above, will assist you in understanding the importance of single sided PCBs. It’ll also guide you in selecting the best type of PCB to suit your application need. To get more info regarding the topic, you can visit http://www.mokotechnology.com/ and speak to the professionals, like MokoTechnology, who will lead you through deciding on the best type of Printed Circuit according to the needs you have.

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