Small tutorial, how to make PCBs at home, using photoresist methode.


Developing solution: Sodium Metasilicate (Product code ex: Seno 4007)

Etching solution: Sodium persulfate – Na2S2O8 (Product code ex: B327)


Everything You Should Understand About Single Sided PCBs

A Printed Circuit Board (also referred to as Printed Wiring Board), which is also known as etched wiring board or Printed Wiring Board (PWB), is a board utilized to electrically connect electronic elements. These days, PCBs find their application in an extensive range of applications. You can find several types of PCBs, which are put to use for different applications. The types of PCBs consist of:

Rigid-Flex PCBs
Flex PCBs
Rigid PCBs
Single Sided PCBs
Single Layer PCBs
Double Sided PCBs
Double Layer PCBs
Multi-layer PCBs

On this page, we will discuss more regarding single sided PCBs. The definition of these PCBs? What are their benefits? Where are they commonly used? Continue reading the blog post to help you get answers to these queries.

What is a Single Sided PCB?

Single sided PCBs are a sort of circuit boards having electronic components attached to its one side, whereas the conducting wires are connected at the second side. It’s among the most well-known, yet fundamental PCB types. These PCBs are made by laminating one thin layer of a thermally conductive and electrically insulating dielectric with copper. Usually, a layer of soldermask is added covering the copper layer.

What are the Advantages of choosing Single Sided PCBs?

You must be thinking about, how come these PCBs are regarded as the most suitable option for a huge range of applications. It is owing to the numerous benefits that these PCBs have. Following are some features of single sided PCBs:

Single sided PCBs are comfortably understandable by almost all of the producers. In addition to this, they are frequently employed in a wide variety of applications, which makes them popular.
Single sided printed circuit boards are regarded as a suitable choice for fundamental low-density designs.
These PCBs come across way less issues in the course of fabrication process. This helps to accelerate the fabrication process.
This kind of PCBs can be purchased at lower costs, especially in case of high volume orders.

Where are the Single Sided PCBs Employed?

Single sided PCBs find their applications across a lot of applications such as:

Camera Systems
Radio and Stereo Equipment
Industrial and Automotive Relays
Solid State Drives(SSD)
Power Supplies

The information provided above, will help you to understand the importance of single sided PCBs. It will likewise lead you in choosing the best suited type of PCB for your application necessity. To get more info relating to the subject, you can travel to and make contact with the experts, like MOKOTech, who will lead you through choosing the proper type of PCB based upon your preferences.

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