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All You Need To Know About Single Sided Printed Circuits

A Printed Circuit Board (aka Circuit Board), which is also called etched wiring board or Printed Wiring Board (PWB), is a board utilized to electrically connect electronic elements. Today, Printed Circuits find their use in an almost endless range of applications. There are many types of Printed Circuits, which are employed for different applications. The types of PCBs are:

Rigid-Flex PCBs
Flex PCBs
Rigid PCBs
Single Sided PCBs
Single Layer PCBs
Double Sided PCBs
Double Layer PCBs
Multilayer PCBs

On this page, we will discuss a bit more about single sided PCBs. What exactly are these PCBs? What are their positive aspects? Where are they employed? Keep reading the article to acquire answers to these queries.

So what is a Single Sided PCB?

Single sided PCBs are a type of circuit boards having electronic components placed on its either side, while the conducting wires are connected at another side. It’s among the most prominent, yet basic PCB types. These PCBs are made by laminating one thin layer of a thermally conductive and electrically insulating dielectric with copper. In most cases, a layer of soldermask is added on top of the copper layer.

What are the Good things about using Single Sided PCBs?

You might be pondering, why these PCBs are believed as the best option for a huge range of applications. It is caused by the countless plus points that these PCBs have. Following are quite a few benefits of single sided PCBs:

Single sided PCBs are easily understandable by almost all of the manufacturers. Apart from this, they are frequently employed in a wide selection of applications, driving them to be preferred.
Single sided printed circuit boards are believed to be an appropriate selection for elementary low-density designs.
These PCBs face significantly less issues in the course of manufacturing process. This helps increase the speed of the manufacturing process.
This type of PCBs can be purchased at lower costs, specifically in the event of high volume orders.

Where are the Single Sided PCBs Widely used?

Single sided PCBs find their applications across a great number of applications consisting of:

Camera Systems
Radio and Stereo Equipment
Industrial and Automotive Relays
Solid State Drives(SSD)
Power Supplies
Inkjet printers

The details listed above, will help you in understanding the value of single sided PCBs. It will likewise guide you in making a choice on the correct type of PCB to match your application necessity. To get more info concerning the topic, visit http://mokotechnology.com/ and contact the specialists, for instance, MokoTechnology, who will direct you through selecting the most appropriate type of Printed Circuit as per your preferences.

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