Top = [black label] G1W
Bottom = Aukey DR-01
NOTE: Recorded in Flagstaff, AZ (which is an “IDA Dark Sky Community” where we have incredibly weak streetlights by law.
Video manipultion operations:

**lossless crop bottom half and clip 30sec, starting 121sec in**
ffmpeg -i aukey2017_0524_202652_011.MOV -vf “crop=iw:ih/2:0:541” -crf 0 -an -ss 121 -t 30 d:half-aukey.mp4

**lossless composite vertical stack**
ffmpeg -i d:half-g1w.mp4 -i d:half-aukey.mp4 -filter_complex vstack -crf 0 d:compare-crf00.mp4

**windows cmd script to losslessly batch convert mov’s to mp4’s**
for %i IN (*.MOV) DO (ffmpeg.exe -i %i -vcodec copy -an %i.mp4)

(“-an” flag drops audio, fyi)


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