We Have Become Heads in Printed Circuit Board Manufacture

We are always the main point on the PCB industry of China since 2001. Despite the fact that lots of the processes and gear utilized to produce circuit cards are uniform all over shops, How can our manufacturing exceed?


To start with, we have one of the most affectionate teams in the profession.

Merging the years of experience with the desire to supply our consumers with the greatest experience and product possible, yields a powerful combination. Partner with us, you won’t see automatons doing the job with their heads dropped except for the occasional glimpse up to take a look at clock on the wall. What you will find and surely hear is a lively team surroundings, in which everyone care passionately about their work.

Next is the level of knowledge and customer focus of our always helpful front-end employees.

From Customer Services to CAM, our focal point is on making certain you can get the item you like, from the most simple zero layer to 13 layer multilayer designs. Hence do not ever be a bit surprised if one of our office staff follows up with a query or an idea that advances the manufacturability of your PWB, helps you save money or makes your design a lot better.

Third, we are starting a Lean-Manufacturing journey to re-examine each of our techniques and operations to draw out the most from our business.

Over the years, circuit board producers haven’t adopted Lean-Manufacturing simply because it disputes with long standing cultures of over-production. Yet, we recognize excess raw and finished goods inventories endeavor to hide process and equipment issues. Additionally we recognize the aim is not to find ways to make us keep working harder, but to assist us work cleverer.

Another benefit of a staff that concerns, and lead-time efficiencies possible with Lean-Manufacturing, is the additional capacity to help our consumers with their fast turnturn-around preferences. If you would like your PWBs very quickly, supply your data files and we can show you our leading turn period.

Please give us a call or E-mail Your Data file and we are going to give all measure to assist.